Oski isaiah

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Oski Isaiah comes from the humble beginnings of a loving, supportive, sports-oriented family whose foundation was strongly tied to their faith. As a child, he always felt that he possessed talent but the challenge was tapping into it. As he grew older, he channeled his energy into creating music about his experiences.  

“I have a voice. I’m not just doing this purely for enjoyment. I want to make music that’s relatable – Cincinnati personified.”

In 2017, he released his album ADVENTURE produced by Cincinnati producer Drugzilla. The album became so popular among his supporters and DJs, that he teamed up with Drugzilla again and dropped the sequel ADVENTURE 2 in 2018. Immediately following, he began performing at local venues, open mics, freestyle battles, and recorded frequently in the studio. To complement his music, he released his brand For Tha Cribb as homage to his hometown’s loyalty.  

“I  had to do it for the city. It’s my attempt to rebrand the city to remove any negative stigmas that may saturate the perception of Cincinnati artists and their music.”  

Early 2019, Oski released two singles “Catch It” and “Rent”, both offering rhythmic flows and vivacious vibes that further solidified his artistry. 

Currently, he is promoting the recent drop of his third album, F*CK A JOB, where he teamed up with Cincinnati producer Autumn Jivenchy, to bring For The Cribb supporter’s his best work yet. Whether the beat is riding at 60 or 110 beats per minute, you can count on Oski Isaiah to deliver.